When He Moves… We Move!

There is a clear call going out to the Church today to be more than a group of like-minded followers of Christ. We are called to be more than what we have been for so long.

It is clearly time for us to be more than Spirit-filled believers. The call from the Holy Spirit is to be people of the Spirit. People who are not just filled by Spirit but who literally obey and move in the Spirit.

Spirit Affected verses Spirit Activated

The pentecostal, Holy Ghost baptized, experience is amazing! I love the altar, I believe in miracles, and I long for every opportunity to dance in worship to my King. Yes, we must be affected by Spirit of our living God. If He is alive, if His Spirit is real, how can we not be affected? But we are not called to be “affected” only. We must be activated by Him. We must move as He moves.

This is not a new call at all but a call that has been ignored by so many, myself included, for far too long. I pray that as you live and breathe today, the Holy Spirit will move in you and you will move in Him.

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