The Hole Part 1: Escape

There is a hole.

A deep, dark hole at the bottom of which everyone of us is born.   This hole is sin and it means to keep us away from God.  The sides of the hole are loose and unstable.  There is no way for any person to climb out of their own personal hole of sin.  Living a respectable life and striving to do good deeds may make your hole seem a little brighter but you can’t climb out on your own.  In the hole we remain in utter darkness. Darkness so black that makes it impossible for us to even know which way is up.  It is so dark in fact that almost no one realizes that they are even in a hole of sin until they get out. 

Yes, there is a way out. There is only one way to escape the hole and to stand in the light. One way to be free from sin’s trap and know true freedom.  No matter how many good deeds or thoughts we construct, it would never be enough to allow us climb out of our sin.  Since we could never climb out on our own we needed help from the outside. God the Father knew we would never escape sin’s hole without His intervention so He graciously and mercifully sent His own Son to climb down into the hole of sin and make a way out for us.  Jesus was Himself without sin and had never been in a hole of His own, therefore He alone was uniquely qualified for God’s great rescue plan.  God’s Son came and gave His life to bring us eternal life.  He paid the full debt of our sins by dying on the cross for us.  Jesus came and humbled Himself.  He entered the hole of sin and made a way out for us.  By dying to pay for our escape from sin, He has become the only one who is both allowed to and able to pull us out.  Now He offers His own body as our way of escape.  He bids us all to accept His deliverance from sin’s hole and He longs to lift us up into glorious light.  

The only way out of sin is to be lifted out.  We can’t get out on our own but we can accept God’s plan to save us.  The hole is deep and dark and collapsing all around us.  If we choose to stay in our sin, eventual the hole will completely bury us and we will be lost in sin forever.  There is an incredible sense of urgency here, you can hear Jesus calling out and if you look you can see that He alone is the only source of light available to us.  By dying for you He became the only way of escape for you.  Now He knells at the edge of every person’s hole of sin and hopes that we might accept His help.  He reaches down a nail scarred hand and pleads for us to take a hold of Him so that by His love He can pull us to safety.

There is a hole, a deep, dark hole.  There is also a light of hope that beams down into that hole and there is a Savior who loves you and will save you if only you would accept His help.

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