Acting Out: Day 5 — Will You Be Recognized?

Read Acts 4:1-20

Key Verse: Acts 4:20 “We cannot stop telling about the wonderful things we have seen and heard.” (NLT)

Jesus became a real obstacle for many people. They didn’t understand Him and they refused to believe in Him. This caused people to get upset when the disciples preached about Jesus and even did miracles in His name. Peter and John got arrested because a religious group known as the Sadducees did not like the fact that they believed in the resurrection of the dead.

Once again Peter speaks out and testifies about Jesus. The Holy Spirit’s presence in Peter’s life not only allowed to speak at the right opportunities but verse 13 tells us that the boldness in Peter amazed the people who heard him. What’s more, that same verse tells us that the people recognized the disciples as ones who had been with Jesus. What an amazing testimony! Imagine how great you would feel if others could tell just by being around you that you are different. It ought to be our desire to live our lives in such away that people will recognize us as ones who have been with Jesus Christ.

Prayer: “Lord, I love spending time with you and I know you have done great things for me. I want to be so passionate about you that I can not be quiet about the wonderful things you have done. Please keep working on my life so that others will be able to see that I’m different, that I have been with Jesus.”

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