Acting Out: Day 6 — Threat or No Threat

Read Acts 4:21-37

Key Verse: Acts 4:29 “And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give your servants great boldness in their preaching.” (NLT)

When the believers knew that Peter and John were free they praised God and prayed together. It seemed to them that everyone was against Jesus. The government was against Him. The Gentiles were against Him. Even the people of Israel were against Him. The believers were certainly starting to feel real pressure to stop spreading the name of Jesus by this time. They were threatened (v. 21) and told to stop using the name of Jesus or else they would be punished.

It is scary when you are threatened, when you don’t know what people may do to you if you don’t obey. The disciples could have stopped talking about Jesus or they could have went into hiding. But instead, according to verse 29, they responded to the threats by asking God for more boldness so they could spread His word despite the threats.

When we have opportunities to tell others about Jesus do we fear what may happen to us or do we pray for even greater boldness so we can speak out no matter what? Threat or no threat we must tell others about the love of Jesus.

Prayer: “Lord, thank-you that I can have the opportunity to tell others about your resurrection. Give me the strength and courage to teach others about you threat or no threat.”

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