Acting Out: Day 9 — The Holy Spirit and Wisdom

Read Acts 6:1-15

Key Verse: Acts 6:10 “None of them were able to stand against the wisdom and Spirit by which Stephen spoke.” (NLT)

As the church grew it became more and more complicated to met the needs within the church body. Thankfully God not only gives boldness when we are filled with His Spirit but He also gives wisdom. It took wisdom for the disciples to figure out how the different needs in the body of believers could be met. To deal with concerns of how food was distributed the answer was to choose seven men, who were well respected and full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, to be responsible for making sure the food was passed out fairly.

One of these men was a man named Stephen. Stephen is described to us as a “man full of faith and the Holy Spirit” (v. 5). We are told in verse 8 that he had done many great miracles and signs among the people. Some men tried to argue with him but the Holy Spirit filled Stephen with such wisdom that they could not say anything to him that he did not have the right answer for.

Often we are afraid to Act Out and speak to people about Jesus because we don’t think we will know what to say. This is another reason why we must be filled with Holy Spirit. He not only gives us the boldness to speak up but He also gives us the wisdom to say the right things.

Prayer: “Lord, sometimes it is scary when I want to talk to others about you. Please give me more boldness so I will be able to stand for you and more wisdom so I can be sure that I will know what to say.”

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