Acting Out: Day 10 — The Right Words

Read Acts 7:1-30

Key Verse: Acts 7:10b “God also gave Joseph unusual wisdom…” (NLT)

Here we find Stephen talking to the high priest. He was arrested in the previous chapter because of his faith in Jesus. The men that had him arrested got some people to lie for them and say that Stephen had said things against the Jewish faith. When asked if the accusations or charges against him were true Stephen does something very interesting. When someone lies about us we often get very defensive and try to prove that they are lying and that we are innocent. But Stephen does not do that at all.

Stephen begins to tell the High Priest and his accusers about some of the different things that God had done in the past. Things they already knew about, things they believed in. The reason was not to try and avoid the question rather Stephen decided to trust God and turned the situation into another opportunity to stand up for Jesus.

When sharing our faith with others it is important to have the right words to say and these words come from God. If Stephen had gotten upset and tried to defend himself he would have wasted the greatest opportunity of his life to stand up for his faith in Jesus Christ. He decided it was better to defend his faith then to try and defend himself. Is our faith in Jesus more important to us than our own lives? Will we say the right thing or will we look out for ourselves?

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, you really stood-up for me when you died on the cross. Please give me the boldness and the right words to stand-up for you the next time I am faced with a difficult situation.”

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