Acting Out: Day 12 — No Boundaries

Read Acts 8:1-25

Key Verse: Acts 8:17 “Then Peter and John laid their hands upon these believers, and they received the Holy Spirit.” (NLT)

Something amazing happened in our reading today, something that was unexpected by the disciples. The Samaritans turned to God. Up until this point the Gospel was limited only to Jews who would convert to Christianity. There was plenty of bad blood between the Jewish and Samaritan people, yet now God had allowed both sides to have the Gospel.

But that was not all! When Peter and John arrived to check out what was happening with the Samaritans they discovered that these new believers had not been filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. They wasted no time and began to lay their hands upon these people who were once their enemies now turned brothers and sisters in Christ. God proved that day that not only is salvation available for everyone but He also made it clear that the gift of the Holy Spirit is for all who will receive.

Have you received the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit in your life? If not, you need to understand that it is available and it is for you! If you have been Baptized in the Holy Spirit, thank God and be sure to trust the Holy Spirit to empower you to Act Out for Jesus.

Prayer: “Lord, it is clear that the Holy Spirit is meant for all believers who will receive from you. Please cleanse my heart so that I may be filled with your presence.”

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