Acting Out: Day 15 — From Hunter to Hunted

Read Acts 9:20-43

Key Verse: Acts 9:20 “And immediately he began preaching about Jesus in the synagogues, saying, “He is indeed the Son of God?” (NLT)

Things certainly turned around for Saul very quickly. He became a Christian and immediately started to teach others about Jesus. He went from trying to destroy the church to winning souls for Jesus Christ. He also went from being one who tracked down Christians to try and kill them to one who was now himself being hunted.

Being a Christian made Saul a lot of enemies. The Jewish teachers in Damascus wanted to kill him (v. 23) and the Greek- speaking Jews in Jerusalem wanted to kill him (v. 29). On both of these occasions other believers had to protect Saul by sneaking him out of the towns. Not only did Saul make enemies with unbelievers but even some Christians did not trust him, after all he did try to kill them.

Barnabas stood up and defended Saul to the other believers. He told them of Saul’s great preaching and how much he had changed since finding Jesus. Barnabas was able to convince the church to accept Saul as one of their own.

We can learn a lot from these two men. Saul Acted Out for Jesus even though he was once the Church’s greatest enemy. He preached the Good News after only just getting saved himself. Barnabas Acted Out and defended Saul even though it could have made him very unpopular with the other believers.

Prayer: “Lord, help me to have the courage to Act Out for you without being afraid of what anyone else may say or do.”

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