Acting Out: Day 16 — Acceptable To God

Read Acts 10:1-23

Key Verse: Acts 10:15 “The voice spoke again, ‘If God says something is acceptable, don’t say it isn’t.” (NLT)

Peter begins to experience a major shift in thinking in this passage. Peter was a Jew. As far as Jews were concerned they were God’s chosen people and they had become convinced that they were the only people that God would have dealings with. God gives Peter this vision as a sign to him that God was ready to reach out to the whole world with the message of the cross.

When given this vision Peter protests the idea of eating anything impure because he did not want to defile himself. God responded to him by telling him that if God says something is acceptable, then it is.

God had two meanings to this, first of all he was telling Peter that it was now ok for him to eat foods he normally would not have eaten. More importantly, God was beginning to reveal to Peter that Jesus’ death on the cross was for the forgiveness of the sins of all people, not just the Jews.

Sometimes God asks us to speak to people who we really don’t think are the “right type” of people to get saved. We think they are not going to accept God so we decide that it is not acceptable to reach out to them. We need to remember that Jesus died for the sins of all people not just for ours. When God prompts us to witness to individuals who we would not have chosen we need to trust that God knows what He is doing and Act Out in faith. Sometimes it may seem hard to do but the rewards are amazing.

Prayer: “Lord, help me to have the faith to Act Out and witness to whoever you ask me to witness to, no matter who they are.”

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