Acting Out: Day 18 — It Is Not Wrong To Do The Right Thing!

Read Acts 11:1-18

Key Verse: Acts 11:18 “When the others heard this, all their objections were answered and they began praising God. They said, ‘God has also given the Gentiles the privilege of turning from their sins and receiving eternal life.” (NLT)
Once again we see how difficult it was for the Jewish believers to accept the idea that Peter would go into a Gentile’s home for any reason. We know that Peter himself struggled with this as well. It is so hard to do something after we have convinced ourselves that it is not right or that it is not appropriate for whatever reason. The good news is that despite even his own objections Peter obeyed God and as a result the Gospel spread throughout the entire world.

Sometimes we have a difficult time doing things we ought to do for God because we think it is inappropriate. One example would be that many Christians have come to believe today that we don’t have any right to share our faith with other people because we will somehow step on their right to be left alone. We have come to think that sharing our faith is somehow wrong and unacceptable.

We need to hear from God just like Peter did. When God says do something we are to do it despite any objections even our own. We need to realize that God is in control and He wants others to hear about His love. He allowed His Son to die for the sins of the world and He wants us to be sure that the those around us know that it was for them. He feels that the most appropriate thing that anyone can do is to share the message of ultimate love with those around us.

Prayer: “Lord, I thank you for allowing your Son to die for everyone’s sins. Help me to share that good news with others.”

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