Acting Out: Day 20 — Are You Out Of Your Mind?

Read Acts 12:1-25

Key Verse: Acts 12:14 “When she recognized Peter’s voice, she was so overjoyed that, instead of opening the door, she ran back inside and told everyone, ‘Peter is standing at the door!” (NLT)

Everyone in the house that night thought Rhoda was out of her mind. She was telling them that Peter was at the door, yet they all knew that Peter was locked-up in the prison. Of course, we all know that Rhoda was not out of her mind, or was she?

Sure Peter was really at the door, sure she had really heard his voice but why did she run off without doing the one thing that she was obviously supposed to do, let Peter in. Was she really out of her mind? Perhaps she was. We are told that she was so overjoyed that she forgot to let him in. For that moment at least it seems that Rhoda lost her mind and forgot to do the most important thing, she forgot to obey the voice she had heard. Which is strange for a servant girl who’s whole life revolves around being obedient.

But what about us, would anyone be able to question whether or not we are out of our minds sometimes? If forgetting to obey a voice we recognize is the evidence of losing our minds than we are probably all a little crazy. As Christian we hear the voice of God speaking to “us regularly through His Word, yet how often do we neglect to do the things He asks us to do. How silly of us to hear the voice of God over and over again and yet we are more likely to run off excitedly to tell others what we have heard then we are to actually do what God asks us to do. As servants of God we need to learn to do the most important thing of all and obey the voice of our Master.

Prayer: “Lord, help me to be a good servant for you, my Master. Teach me to obey your voice every time I hear it.”

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