Acting Out: Day 21 — An Obstacle to the Gospel

Read Acts 13:1-24

Key Verse: Acts 13:12 “When the governor saw what had happened, he believed and was astonished at what he learned about the Lord.” (NLT)

Every now and again you will find yourself being confronted by someone who simply wants to stop you from being able to successfully share your faith with others. Saul, who is now known as Paul, faced one such character in the person of a sorcerer named Elymas. Elymas made it his business to try and stop the governor of Cyprus from accepting the Gospel message that Paul was preaching.

Elymas’ intentions were to stop people from believing. He was acting as an obstacle to the Gospel. When you decide to go about reaching others and sharing the Gospel with the lost around you it is very likely that you will face an Elymas of your own. Someone will likely make it his or her business to try and stop the good work you are doing.

The answer is to let God deal with the situation. All you need to do is to continue what you started and hold true to the message you are trying to share and let God do the rest. Paul didn’t do a thing to Elymas, he simply told him what God was going to do to him because of his behavior. God dealt with Paul’s obstacle and He will deal with ours if we trust Him to do it. The rewards of trusting God are always great. The governor came to believe in Jesus despite all of Elymas’ efforts. God is always at work and if you continue to be faithful to Him than He will certainly prove Himself faithful to you.

Prayer: “Lord it seems that whenever we try and do good things someone or something tries to stop us. Help me to learn to trust You to handle all the obstacles that stand in my way.

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