Acting Out: Day 22 — Hiding God’s Word

Read Acts 13:25-52

Key Verse: Acts 13: 52 “And the believers were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.” (NLT)

Paul continued to preach his sermon to the Jewish people in Antioch as he was trying to encourage them to accept that Jesus is the Messiah they were waiting for. As Paul preached this sermon he used the strongest weapon that we have as believers in Christ. Many times in his message he quoted from or made reference to the Word of God.

But how did Paul do that? Did he have a Bible with him everywhere he went? Probably not since the scriptures were only available on very large handwritten scrolls in his day. Paul was able to use the Word of God to help him when he shared about the death (v. 29) and resurrection (v. 30) of Jesus because he knew it in his heart. Paul had hidden God’s Word in his heart by reading it, studying it, and memorizing it. By doing this Paul had equipped himself with a great tool for sharing the Gospel.

It is important that reading, studying, and memorizing God’s Word become an essential part of everyone’s life who sincerely wants to Act Out for Jesus. As you hide God’s Word in your heart, the Holy Spirit will bring what you have read and studied back to your memory so you can say the right things. If you don’t hide God’s Word in your heart, you won’t have that very powerful tool in your life when you share your faith. Make it your goal to have a regular and personal time in God’s Word everyday so you can be better equipped to Act Out effectively for Him.

Prayer: “Lord, thank-you for your Word. Please help me to read it regularly and remember it when I’m given an opportunity to share.”

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