Acting Out: Day 31 — It’s a Hands-On Kind of Thing

Read Acts 19:1-22

Key Verse: Acts 19:6 “Then when Paul laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they spoke in other tongues and prophesied.” (NLT)

Paul was continuing to do great and wonderful things in the name of Jesus. We are told in these few verses that he preached boldly and argued persuasively (v. 8-9), he even stayed in one placed for two full years to teach others about Jesus. The presence of God was so real on Paul’s life that even handkerchiefs and clothes that had touched his skin could be used to heal the sick of their diseases (v. 12).

Much of what Paul did for God he did by speaking the words that God wanted him to say. When he taught people he trusted the Holy Spirit for the right words to say. When he healed the sick and even cast out demons, he would only do and say things as God lead him. Much of his ministry was done with words but one thing we see him doing for God required him to get hands-on. When it came time for Paul to speak to believers about receiving their Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Paul would lay his hands on them and they would receive the gift from God that Jesus promised to all of us.

As you desire to Act Out for God you are going to need to learn to trust God for the right words to say at the right times. You are also going to need to look for those moments when God wants you to get hands-on for Him. Whether God calls you to lay hands on someone so they can receive the Holy Spirit or to pick-up garbage for someone. Sometimes Acting Out is hands-on kind of work.

Prayer: “Lord, give me the courage to not only speak the words you ask me to say but to also touch lives the way you want me to.

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