Acting Out: Day 32 — Bad For Business

Read Acts 19:23-41

Key Verse: Acts 19:26 “As you have seen and heard, this man Paul has persuaded many people that handmade gods aren’t gods at all…” (NLT)

Paul’s preaching and teaching about Jesus in Ephesus was going very well. Many people believed what he was telling them, so many in fact, that the local silversmith, a maker of false idols, started to see a drop in his business. The silversmith was so upset at this that he virtually started a riot to try and make his point. The fact is that Paul had been in Ephesus for a couple of years without any recorded trouble. Then all of a sudden things erupt as the evil element of that community try to stop the work of God.

Paul’s preaching really started to hurt the devil’s business in Ephesus. That city was famous for being the home of the temple of the goddess Artemis and now there was so any Christians that Artemis was losing her place. Of course, Artemis is a false god with no power at all so satan brings opposition against Paul.

As Christians we know the power that satan has on the unsaved around us. It ought to be our desire to Act Out for God so we can really hurt the devil’s business. As we share the good news about Jesus, the enemy will begin to lose his grip on people’s lives and that is bad for him. He will bring opposition against us to try and stop us and discourage us. When those things come we need to be encouraged and know that through the power of God our Acting Out is hurting the devil’s business.

Prayer: “Lord, I want to be the kind of person that makes things bad for the devil’s business. Help me to Act Out for you.”

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