Acting Out: Day 36 — A Case of Mistaken Identity

Read Acts 21:27-40

Key Verse: Acts 21:38 “Aren’t you the Egyptian who led a rebellion some time ago and took four thousand members of the Assassins out into the desert?” (NLT)

Paul was not in Jerusalem very long before the different prophecies that were given to warn him about going there were fulfilled. Last time we read about Agabus’s prophecy and we already see it fulfilled as Paul was bound with two chains here in verse 33.

Paul not only gets bound with two chains but he is mistaken for an Egyptian who had lead a rebellion in that area. Paul was a Christian man who was trying to obey God’s will for his life. His deepest desire was to Act Out for God and let others know about what Jesus had done for them. Paul was obviously very different from the man that he was mistaken for. But that is just the way things happen sometimes. When people don’t understand us or are unsure about what it is that we stand for they tend to jump to the worst possible conclusions about us. The guards didn’t know Paul and they couldn’t understand what was happening so they automatically thought he worst of him.

The people who you come in contact with will often not understand you or what you believe in. They will find it hard to figure out why it is that you do the things you do. They may even assume the worst of you before even giving you a chance to explain yourself. The important thing is not what they assume of you but what they come to know is true about you as they get to know you better.

Prayer: “Lord, let it be my desire to always be identified with you.”

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