Acting Out: Day 37 — “Can I Get a Witness?”

Read Acts 22:1-30

Key Verse: Acts 22:1 “Brothers and esteemed fathers,” Paul said, “listen to me as I offer my defense.” (NLT)

What to say? What to say? The hardest part about sharing your faith with others is often that you just don’t know what you should say. We don’t know where to start or even what to talk about. In Acts 22, we once again see Paul sharing his faith with a crowd of people. We can learn a lot from the way Paul told others about Jesus. He didn’t just state facts about God to them, no, he told his story of how God changed his life. Looking at Paul’s example the key to sharing your faith is just that. Share your faith. Make it personal.

People love stories. Once you are given an opportunity to tell your story, the story of what God has done for you and what He means to you, simple tell them what you know. People need to understand that having a relationship with God really matters to you. If they can see that God is really a significant part of your life than that will help them see their need for God as well.

You may not have a testimony like Paul, I hope not anyways, but you do have a story. God has changed you and He has helped you through lots of stuff. Try and find a way to let other people know about what God has done for you. If they decide they want that for themselves then they will ask you more questions. The most important part of sharing your faith is to make sure that people see that it is yours. The last thing they want you to tell them is how much they need Jesus, they will figure that out for themselves once they see what Jesus has done for you.

Prayer: “Lord, you are such an important part of my life. Help me to find the right words so I can tell others about what you mean to me.”

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