Acting Out: Day 39 — Help From The Most Unlikely of People

Read Acts 23:23-35

Key Verse: Acts 23:24 “Provide horses for Paul to ride, and get him safely to Governor Felix.” (NLT)

Trusting in God to help you and to protect you as you Act Out for Him, often means that you need to learn to accept the fact that God works in many different ways. There had been a very dangerous plot formed against Paul with one goal in mind, to kill him. Paul would have not only not known about this plot but he would not have been able to do anything about it. He had been imprisoned before and he knew that God was able to not only get him out prison but out of any bad situation.

God made sure that Paul’s nephew was in the right place at the right time and He made sure that the commander, Claudius, protected Paul. God had promised Paul that he would share the Gospel in Rome and nothing these evil men plotted was going to stop God’s will for Paul.

God will protect and provide for you as well. Sometimes His work may be very miraculous in nature but quite often the answer that God sends is through the hands of the people of around you. Sometimes His help even comes from the most unlikely sources. The important thing is to trust God to work things out in the way that He sees is best. Be careful not to get so caught up looking for the miraculous answer from God that you miss the obvious answer that God had already worked out for you in advance. Acting Out for God means trusting God to take care you the way He thinks is best.

Prayer: “Lord, please help me to recognize your help no matter how it comes to me. I want to thank-you for always working things out for my good.”


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