You Focus On You

Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”
Philippians 2:12b

A little fear and trembling might just be what we need today. A healthy measure of humility and understanding when it comes to our view of ourselves and those around us. We have a bad habit of focusing too much attention on what other people are doing with regards to their “walks” and not enough attention on the details of our own relationship with Christ.

Paul was pretty clear that we ought to be “working” on our own salvation. This is not about achieving salvation or even improving it but a call to live it out in our own lives. If we spend all our energy questioning, doubting, or even judging our spiritual siblings we are clearly not living the way we should.

That’s where a little fear and trembling can be helpful. This is not about being afraid or scared. Paul is referring to an attitude of care towards the details of how we are living and a strong sense of humility with regards to our salvation. We didn’t save ourselves, Jesus did. We don’t hold our salvation, Jesus does. We didn’t pay the price, Jesus did that too. We need to remind ourselves daily and especially when we are tempted to pick faults and point fingers at our brothers and sisters that we should be striving to live like Jesus. It is not going to do us any good to fret over someone else’s failings and struggles as we use them as an excuse not to work on our own areas of weakness.

You focus on you while you pray for both of us and I will focus on me while I lift you up as well. Make allowance for my faults and I will offer you the same grace. We will both grow in the Lord and together we will set a clear example to those without Jesus that there is hope and grace in the saving power of the blood of Christ.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. God Bless.

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