Acting Out: Day 44 — Now That I’ve Got Your Attention

Read Acts 27:21-44

Key Verse: Acts 27:25 “So take courage! For I believe God. It will be just as He said.” (NLT)

The ship’s officers would not listen to Paul when he warned them not to set sail. They would not listen to him when he told them that they would suffer much loss if they went out so late in the fall (27:9). Now things had changed. The circumstances that they found themselves in proved to them that Paul was right all along and now they only wished that they had heeded his advice in the first place.

Paul could have easily decided at that point to let them figure out how to get themselves out of this mess. It was their own fault after all, he had done his part to warn them. But Paul did not take that attitude. He told them that they should have listen to his advice at the beginning but he did not dwell on their mistakes. Instead Paul instructed them and even encouraged and ministered to all 276 people who were onboard.

We can learn a lot from how Paul handled this situation. It is very important that we not take an “I told you so” attitude toward people who don’t listen to our advice. We need to be willing to forgive them for ignoring us and willing to help them pick-up the broken pieces caused by the mistakes they have made.

You see that is what God has done for you. He does not rub your mistakes in you face, instead He loves you helps you even though you may have ignored His advice at times. Now God wants you to do the same for others as you Act Out for Him. Show others how much God loves them and cares for them by doing your part to love and care for them as well.

Prayer: “Lord, help me not to hold a grudge against people who ignore me when I try I help them. What really matters is not whether they listen to me but whether or not they find you.”

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