Acting Out: Day 45 — The Rewards of a Life Given to God

Read Acts 28:1-31

Key Verse: Acts 28:30-31 “For the next two years, Paul lived in his own rented house. He welcomed all who visited him, proclaiming the Kingdom of God with all boldness and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ. And no one tried to stop him.” (NLT)

The book of The Acts of The Apostles ends with a great note of victory and encouragement for all of us. Paul finally finds himself living peacefully after years of being beaten, imprisoned, and accused of many things all because of his faith in Jesus. God kept the promise that He made to Paul in Acts 23:11, that Paul would get to share the Gospel in Rome as he had done in Jerusalem. God has also made many promises to you throughout His Word and He plans to keep everyone of those promises as well.

Nothing could seem to stop Paul from spreading the Good News about Jesus wherever he went. Not even a poisonous snake could make him be quiet. Paul was determined to Act Out for God no matter what it would cost him and no matter who didn’t like him because of it. The important thing for Paul was to keep on Acting Out because that was exactly what God wanted him to do.

Although things may be difficult sometimes you need to make a decision now that you will live a life that is sold out to God no matter what. As you Act Out for Him ,God will honor, protect, provide for, and bless you. Give God the best gift you could ever give Him. Give Him your all and live your life with the sole intention to look for and take advantage of every opportunity possible to stand-up and Act Out for Him.

Prayer: “Lord, I thank-you for your word and for being faithful to keep all the promises that you have made to me.”


As you strive to take the things that you have learned from God’s Word over the last 45 days and apply them to your life, you need to believe that God will honor the work you do for Him. When you Act Out for God it never goes unnoticed and the rewards of your effort will one day come to you. If not in this life then in eternity.

As a person who desires to be close to God, and Act Out for God, you need to learn to trust Him and know that He is certainly in control. It is not by accident that you have ended up exactly where you are at this moment. God intends for you to receive His Holy Spirit and go out and make a real difference in the world around you.

It remains my prayer that as a result of using this devotional Bible study you will have an intense desire to see God not only fill you with His Holy Spirit but to use you to reach the lost. It is God’s desire to fill you and empower you to share the message of His love to those around you.

Stay in God’s Word. Desire a closer relationship with Him and make sure that everyday you’re Acting Out for Him.

May God continue to bless you and use you as surrender your life to Him.

If this devotional has been a blessing to you please leave a comment and considering sharing a link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc… God Bless.

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