Has “At His Feet” Been a Blessing to You?

The “At His Feet” Blog is a personal ministry mine.  I write the content of this blog and share it for free with only one hope, that someone might be blessed by this.  It doesn’t cost me much to do this work and it is something I enjoy doing.

Would you like to help?

There are a few ways that you can really help this ministry.

#1 Pray

Nothing at all is more important than prayer for growing this or any other work being done for God’s glory.  Please pray specifically for God’s anointing upon me and ever word that is posted to this site.  And of course, please pray that lives will be positively impacted for the glory of God.

#2 Subscribe and Share

Just by being here yourself and sharing the blog with your friends, family, and followers you will have helped grow this ministry and for that I’m deeply grateful to you.

#3 Donate

Truthful, it doesn’t cost me much at all to do this work and it is something that I enjoy doing.  That being said, if you would like to give in support of this work as a way of encouragement to me please click here to give via PayPal.  Please do not feel obligated to give and only do so if you truly want to and feel that it is something that God would have you do.

Thank-you so much for helping “At His Feet” reach more people with the message of God’s love.