The 1% – Sermon Outlines

I have noticed that it is difficult to find sermon preparation help online. It is easy to find a site with thousands of fully written sermons for you to preach with very little personal effort, I’m not judging at all, I get the time restraints we all experience in ministry. But what about if you just need a little jolt of inspiration to get you going.

Simple Sermon Outlines

I want to compile a collection of Simple Sermon Outlines right here on At His Feet that can be used as jumping off points for anyone looking to write a full sermon or a short devotional. This outlines are simple. They include a title, a scripture reference (or two), a theme, and the list of points and sub points (sometimes).

1% Inspiration

If you read an Outline that inspires you feel free to use it, change it, and claim it as your own since 99% of the finished message will have been inspired by your prayerful preparation and the leading of the Spirit.

If you have a sermon outline you would like to contribute please send it to At His Feet via the contact page. Note: your name will be posted with your outline but you will be sharing it for free, forever.

I will try to organize this list as it grows by titles, theme, and references. Please be patient with me. The best way to make sure you don’t miss any updates is to sign up to receive regular emails from our site.

I pray this will be a blessing to you. If you would like to bless this ministry please click the support link at the top of the page to see how you can be a part of At His Feet.